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I started blogging in 2010, using a wordpress blog on my website Wordpress is a useful tool for blogging, but I have for different reasons have reached the conclusion that it is time for something new. The primary reason is that I want to integrate my blogging with my data analyses and my other workflow. At the same time, I have also started a transition from Stata to R as my main statistical software.


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According to virtually all international corruption rankings, Sweden is one of the top performing countries with very few exposed incidents of corruption. But does this automatically imply that it can be declared a perfectly ‘healthy patient’? By extensively reviewing existing research and adding empirical sets of data, the authors of A Clean House? shed light on shady corners of the Swedish case.
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Growing into voting

My doctoral thesis addresses the issues of turnout and habitual voting. It is a compilation thesis with an introduction and four articles. All the studies are based on information on voter turnout from electoral rolls in combination with register data.

New in politics

New in politics is a research project with the purpose of studying expectations and experiences among local politicians. The analyses are based on a panel survey targeting a sample of those who ran for office in the 2014 Swedish municipal elections. This sample will be followed through the political term 2014-2018.


I mainly teach quantitative methods at undergraduate level and as a part of the master’s program in political science at Linköping University, where I also supervise undergraduate students.