Growing into voting

My doctoral thesis tackles the question of turnout among young people. More specifically, the focus is on the first few elections a young person encounters and how different circumstances can affect the probability of voting in the first and subsequent elections. Some research results indicate that these early elections are of importance for whether an individual forms a habit of voting or abstaining. Still, the research field is fairly new and the results are not all pointing in the same direction. My analyses of Swedish, high-quality data will hopefully contribute to a better understanding of the mechanisms behind the decision to vote or not.

The doctoral thesis will have the form of a compilation thesis, a compilation of four articles and with a unifying introduction that sets out the framework and puts the dissertation in an international academic context. All four articles will use information on voter turnout from electoral rolls in combination with register data. Thereby problems with over-reporting of turnout that previous research has shown is a problem in surveys, is avoided. Furthermore, since all the variables used in the analyses are retrieved from register data, voter turnout can be estimated using the full sample without any nonresponse.